Make Easy Needle Felted Pumpkins – In Just 20 Minutes


This is one of the easiest needle felting projects you can make. These gorgeous needle felted pumpkins are utterly addictive and make for some really show stopping Autumn/Fall décor! Imagine having these plump beauties dotted around the house, made into garlands, or given as gifts to only your best friends.


They are so much fun and so easy, why not have a craft party and needle felt the afternoon away. Imagine how many of these you could make in just a couple of hours, and more fun than you can shake a witches broomstick at.


You will find my step by step video tutorials at the bottom of this page
Make time: 20 minutes

You will need:

  • Core wool – small handful
  • Carded orange, and yellow wool batting – 5g
  • Wool tops – 5g
  • Felting needle – 38 star is a good all rounder
  • Felting mat


Image shows the start of needle felting a pumpkin. Make Easy Needle Felted Pumpkins - In Just 20 Easy Minutes

1 Roll a small handful of core wool into a very rough ball and felt to hold in place. This will only take a minute as you need to keep it soft; this is what helps create the pumpkin shape.

2 Wrap a thin piece of carded batting around the core wool and felt at the base.

TOP TIP: Don’t cover up any patches as this will enhance the finished look once you add a second layer

3 Continue to felt the wool batting towards the centre and pull away any excess. Sit it ‘bottom’ down on your mat and check the shape.

4 Working from the top to the bottom, repeat the previous step with a different colour, making sure it is pulled thin enough for the base layer to show through.


5 Lay a very thin piece of wool top across the centre of your pumpkin and felt to secure. Wrap it quite tightly around your pumpkin and felt the two ends together at the base.

TOP TIP: The base won’t be visible so you can felt really firmly. Pulling it tightly around the pumpkin creates the ‘segments’.

Image shows how to create segments for your needle felted pumpkin.

6 Continue as in the previous step until you have eight distinct segments. Because the core was left really soft you now have a very obvious pumpkin shape.

7 Work gently around your pumpkin with your felting needle and tidy up any loose, untidy, or lumpy sections. It needs to look good from all sides, but don’t worry too much about the base as it won’t be seen.

8 Create a stem for your pumpkin

9 Felt the loose wool (at the narrow base) into the centre of your pumpkin. feel free to add any embellishments. I have added a lovely crochet leaf which really finishes it off. You could also add curly locks and different fibres, or acorns.

I hope you really loved this tutorial. For more pumpkin tutorials click HERE If you want to felt alongside me, workshop style, just click on the video links below.


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