Realistic Animal Eyes

Needle felting eyes are really simple, once you know how…

Feeling ready to tackle needle felting your own animal eyes? Well, I have created a super easy tutorial for you. It consists of 8 simple steps to get you started and is the method I still use myself. Try a few practice runs first if you are a little nervous but, as with all my instructions and tutorials, everything is broken down into simple steps to make it really easy to follow. Adding eyelashes is the easiest feature to add to your animal and you will find the four step, mini tutorial at the bottom of the page.
If you want to learn how to crate a basic head shape, then pop over to my YouTube channel and follow the ‘needle felting for beginners’ series of short videos, showing you how to make each body part: head, legs, body and ears. Exactly as I teach my workshops. They work as standalone tutorials but have also been designed to work perfectly with the Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts range of needle felting kits.
Happy felting! 



Let’s do this!

Copy of EASY EYES 1

Copy of EASY EYES 2

Copy of EASY EYES 3

Copy of Copy of EASY EYES 4

Copy of Add a EASY EYES 5

Copy of EASY EYES 6

Copy of EASY EYES 8 5jpg

Copy of EASY EYES 9jpg

Say hello to Hamilton!

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This simple technique can be applied to most needle felted animals; the Winter Hare is life size.


Eyelashes are the quickest – we are talking a couple of minutes – and easiest feature you can add to your projects. They also create a striking finishing touch to your animals features.

how to eyelashes

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12 thoughts on “Realistic Animal Eyes

  1. Darlene

    Sandy, THANK YOU so very much for your tutorial on needle felting eyes. I have a faceless little fox I made in a class …hum…maybe 7 years ago. I look at him and say…someday little buddy… The class was not long enough for faces to be completed. My Dear little one has no face. I am grateful to you Sandy, now I can give my fox his personality. 🙂 I see you have closeup pics of a fox face too, I can’t wait to get at him. Sandy you have been so helpful. I so appreciate this, it was very kind of you.
    If only I was closer to come to your workshops.
    Nova Scotia

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