How to make a needle felted cactus

Hi crafters and felters

Create this needle felted cactus in a terracotta pot or tea cup; the perfect place to store your felting needles or to use as a pin cushion.

A fabulous , prickly project which involves several needle felting techniques including a soft sculpture base, using a wooden skewer to create perfect shapes, and letting your creativity run wild with the vibrant  flowers the cacti produce. Adding the spikes is a soothing and therapeutic process in which they can be added randomly or, if you love a bit of symmetry, placed in straight lines down each cactus arm.

The light blue/green cactus is based on my favourite cactus, the PILOSOCEREUS

As always, I spend a lot of time during the design process, creating projects I know you will love whilst carefully choosing the wool and fibres to suit the finished piece.

You will Need:

  • Core wool
  • White and green carded wool or wool tops
  • Wool tops for flowers, various colours
  • White wool top for spikes
  • Pot or cup to stand it in
  • 1 x wooden BBQ skewer or similar

Cactus needle felting kit can be purchased HERE or download the pattern HERE

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It also makes a great felting needle holder or pin cushion.

It also makes a great felting needle holder or pin cushion

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