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So what’s all the fuss about?

There is a reason that needle felting has taken crafting world by storm; you need just one thing…enthusiasm! No tricky patterns. No sewing. No wires. No expensive fancy equipment.
You don’t have to be artistic or even creative and all you need is enthusiasm a little time.

I really believe that crafts of any kind can help ease the mind and provide a welcome and important distraction from the ‘noise’ of our daily lives; for me that craft is needle felting.
I have always loved anything connected to arts and crafts and have been making and creating since I was 6 years old, but there wasn’t a craft that grabbed hold of me the way needle felting did! It was something I discovered purely by accident at an arts and craft show 5 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history. I had found my passion and I haven’t looked back since! Not even a glance!
The joy and excitement you can feel at seeing a handful of wool transformed into a beautiful animal or sculpture, using just a barbed needle, is undeniable and I wanted to share what I have learned along the way. Usually with a cup of Yorkshire Tea in my hand.


kit collage new3

Where you will find me: The Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts headquarters are in my home studio in rural Lincolnshire where I am supported by my lovely family and my right hand woman and best friend (who just happens to be my dog, Blaze). We love the Fens; it’s where my daughter and I have spent many days exploring the surrounding countryside, villages and wildlife. She’s a teenager now but it’s still one of our favourite places to visit, hence the name.


My materials: I use mostly British wool, much of which is natural ,undyed and sourced locally from a family run business. Every item and needle felting kit is produced, made and put together by me at my home studio. I weigh, I bag, I print, I stick, I drink Yorkshire tea… You get the idea: no outsourcing whatsoever. The small amount of Merino wool I use is ethically sourced from South America by my British suppliers and, wherever possible, I use recycled materials and packaging.IMG_4824

My customers and me: The interaction this great craft has provided me with is incredibly rewarding and I am proud of my customer service which, continues with many of my customers long after they have purchased their first felting kit. Many have half my range sitting proudly in their homes and continue to support my business throughout the year – feedback doesn’t get any better than that! I am always on hand for any ‘woolly’ advice and have a monthly customer gallery on my website and Facebook page to show off all your lovely projects. 

Did I mention that needle felting can lead to compulsive creativity???

Membership and Awards:

*Lincolnshire Show Ransom Cup: I was awarded this coveted trophy in 2014 for best content and craft display.

*Country Craft Association: Following strict assessment I became a member of the Country Craft Association; where myself and other like minded crafters, artisans and artists take part in country wide craft fairs, shows and workshops. *International Association Of Feltmakers.

*The Campaign For Wool. Patron is HRH Prince of Wales.

*International Association Of Felt Makers

*Heritage Crafts Association

If you got this far then thanks for listening… Best regards Sandy


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sandyMyself, of course…Every item and needle felting kit is designed, produced, made and put together by me at my home studio. I weigh, I bag, I print, I stick, I drink Yorkshire tea… You get the idea: no outsourcing whatsoever.

blazie etsyBlaze…German Shepherd cross. I love my chair and biscuits dipped in tea. My main roles are quality control, providing moral support and sleeping.

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