Easy Animal Ears



How to make ears.
Ears, especially smaller ones, can be a real faff so I was incredibly happy to find this great tip on the internet a few years ago. These are fox ears but the technique can be applied to pretty much any flat shape. Happy felting!

These ears are for a 15cm tall fox (including the ears) so adapt for your size. Follow exactly the same technique for hare, mouse and sheep ears.

fox ears

1: Start by laying a thin layer of wool across your foam/pad and roughly ‘draw’ the ear shape (triangle approx. 3 to 4 cm high) onto the wool with your felting needle and leave the ends loose where they will attach to the head.

2,3 and 4: Now fold both sides across to the centre of the ear and continue to felt gently, turning regularly until you have your approximate ear size and shape. Your finished ear should be loose at one end.  If there is too much loose wool pull it gently away from the base.

5: Add a few wisps of white for detail Tip: You can be as creative as you want with the ears so make them bigger/smaller and add as much or as little detail as you wish.

6: Now your ears are firm enough to hold their shape you will want to create more of a 3D shape; pinch the sides together and lightly felt until it holds its position when you let go

7: Before attaching ears to the head I often find it easier if the ears are felted together; it makes them easier to position and helps with the symmetry.


Hare Ears

Different shape but same technique.

hare ears tutorial

hare ears tutorial2

Create a moon-gazing hare by felting the ears to the side of the head and pointing down.