Plastic Reduction At Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts


We try very hard to keep waste to a minimum and, wherever possible, use recycled material, packaging and minimal plastic. We are constantly looking for alternatives and 99% of our products are sourced from local or British suppliers. Here’s what we use at Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts. #reducereuserecycle

All kits and wool bundles come in sturdy A4 recycled, reusable and recyclable boxes. All my handmade, ready to purchase items are delivered in the same manner.

Cellophane bags for wool:
Re-usable and 100% recyclable through council refuse collection facilities linked to managed recycling programmes. You can also add the cello bag to their plastic recycling bins. However, I am currently investigating 100% biodegradable ‘cellulose’ bags which I hope to be changing over to as soon as current supplies are used.

Felting foam:
Although the foam used in my kits does not contain any plastic, and is fully re-usable, I have just changed my current foam to a type that is (in my opinion) better to felt on with less ‘bounce’ but, with the same carbon footprint.

Mail Bags:
All mailing bags are recycled and recyclable.

Felting needle test tubes:
Recycled, recyclable and re-usable; there should never be a need to throw these away as they are the safest and most practical way of protecting your needles and are handy for all sorts of craft uses.