needle felted herdwick sheep

Herdwick Sheep And Winnie The Pooh

Herdwick three ways. My favourite sheep. Natural, sustainable and completely biodegradable; what more do you want from a craft…

Have a fabulous week everyone and always remember that crafts are the perfect, instant respite when the stresses and strains of daily life start to get on top of you. So, today is officially my ‘Crafts As Therapy’ Monday. Failing that, just read a few Winnie The Pooh quotes; if that doesn’t work then we are all doomed and should stay in bed for the rest of our lives…

“I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” —Winnie-the-Pooh

Use the basic shapes video or tutorial to make the head and body then be as creative as you like. Sheep are the easiest way to start needle felting and you don’t even need to add the legs: BASIC SHAPE VIDEO 

If you fancy something more seasonal then the NEEDLE FELTED PUMPKIN VIDEO is perfect!


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Great Day At Howden Show

A few photos from Saturday at Howden County Show. Our free mini workshops were a great success with young, old and and even the men having a go #realmencraft Raised some money for the Royal British Legion and, despite falling over and completely embarrassing myself (just as the re-enactment people started firing their guns), it was a lovely day. Thanks for inviting me Anna from Blacksmith Shop Crafts See you on Sunday for the hare workshop. Thanks also to young Anna (in the photos) for being such great company and for doing so well in the handicraft entries. Don’t spend it all at once 🙂 I just love County shows; always a great showcase for local talent and the areas idiosyncrasies, also we’re so damn good at them. The weird and wonderful all gathered together in the best possible way! Which reminds me; congratulations Foggathorpe Meadow on the grand opening of your compostable toilet 🚽 😀

Sadly, no Welly Wanging at Howden but I do believe the world championships are coming up soon at Upperthong Village in the Holme Valley.

ladies at needle felting workshop

Spring Hares Workshop Crafternoon; a big dose of craft therapy

Don’t they all look fabulous!!!


It was definitely a battle of the ears at yesterday’s workshop. Look at them all fighting for the limelight 

It was another busy afternoon at Blacksmith Shop Crafts and for some it was their second and even third workshop with me. Now that could mean one of two things; they really enjoy my workshops and are needle felting addicts or, I’m doing something wrong  I’m pretty sure it’s the former though. Thoroughly fabulous afternoon with a healthy over indulgence of craft, cake, tea and great conversation. A crafting collective; what could be better! Also a great reason for me to escape the virtual world for a little while and hang out with real people.  I came out feeling so much lighter, despite the amount of cake I had eaten!!! Talk about crafts as therapy…


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