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Every single needle felting kit is designed with love, care and thought. Attention is paid to even the smallest of details. Detailed instructions and step by step photographs are designed to guide you, step by creative step. In addition, you will find the Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts series of video tutorials on YouTube , so now you can felt along with me workshop style. All you have to do is open the box, add enthusiasm and unlock the creativity!

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21 thoughts on “Shop Website

  1. Sherri

    How wonderful to find you! I had a rare lung disease, had a lung transplant, and suffered a brain injury during that time. I am working on crafts again to try to exercise my brain and coordination. You are absolutely delightful to read from!! My attention span is short, and this is my first time felting. You have won a place on my phone. Sherri From USA.

    • Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

      Oh Sherri that is so hard for you to deal with but crafts offer the most wonderful respite. Planning lots more tutorials in the next few months to keep you occupied. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and support. Stay safe and happy creating 💕

  2. Anna Carola Creations


    Saw you were offering online tutorials for Snowmen and Angels this month. Will you be repeating this after the holidays? As I sell handmade christmas decorations, I do not have time to watch and concentrate during this busy time of year. I have been enjoying your website and as I love to develop new techniques, I have planned to shop from you and hopefully enjoy some tutorials after the holidays. I love your style of writing, brings a good chuckle here and there.

    Thank you.

  3. Dana Campbell

    Do you sell the tools to use still have one ordered but. Wonder where to get the. Tools to use. Do you sell all the tools
    Love to start. Just would like the tools and also the. Who’ll in other colors
    Love these seen a lady doing this in a place of eating. It truly got my attention
    Have not attempted mine yet
    I was to get a deer but ended up with another type still have the box under my bed been ill trying now to get into this
    Meaning to write you many years now Finally getting around to asking these questions
    Just adore. This is truly. Sweet keep all your emails I recall buying them from the UK long time ago at least 2011 might have been longer
    Please live to hear back from you
    Thank You 💜

  4. Helen Patrick

    I am very excited to see your site. I was excited to see you had workshops, until I realized you are in the UK!! But I will still check your site out and learn from your experience. Your animals are precious and so whimsical. Thanks for sharing and blogging.
    Helen P

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