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Welcome to Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts. I’m Sandy – a half-Welsh, Yorkshire lass living in Lincolnshire – and lover of Yorkshire Tea, my dog (Gin) and all things needle felted! I am also the creator and designer inspiring needle felting kits, tutorials, workshops and my own handmade collection.

My ‘Ultimate Guide To Needle Felting’ is jam packed full of how to’s, top tips, do’s and don’ts, written tutorials and videos. Every page is designed to start and guide you on your needle felting journey, step by creative, confident step.  All you need is a handful of wool, a felting needle and a big dose of enthusiasm. Enjoy!

Top Tip For Beginners: Go easy on yourself

Don’t strive for perfection at first attempt, it’s not going to happen and you will feel defeated before you have begun. certainly don’t let fear of failure hold you back and never compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 5. Instead, soak up the joy of creating, forget the world for a while and the rest will follow. You have to start somewhere so no more excuses. Just grab hold of all that unused needle felting gear that’s sitting staring at you, grab the bull by the proverbials, invite enthusiasm on the way and get started. 


Grab your free printable below. Just click for access and no purchase or subscription necessary. 

Perfect Pumpkins In 30 Minutes!

It’s that time of year so let’s get passionate about pumpkins!!


Crafts And Mental Health

Arts and crafts, of any kind, can help soothe the mind and soul, providing a welcome and important distraction from the stresses of our day-to-day lives

The joy and excitement at seeing a handful of wool transformed into a beautiful animal or sculpture, using just a barbed needle, is undeniable and I wanted to share what I have learned along the way. Usually with a cup of Yorkshire Tea in my hand.

Easy Needle Felting Tutorials

Cut your creative teeth on these bite size tutorials I have created for you. Build your needle felting confidence as you go.

Needle Felting Kits

Kits are a great way to start if you want to test the needle felting waters. Over the last six years I have developed a range of 35 inspiring needle felting kits, each one designed and created carefully and thoughtfully. Every needle felting kit has everything you need to complete each project. All you have to add is enthusiasm.

Needle felting kits for beginners
Rosa and Coraline are the latest additions to the gang. The curls are created with the most amazing plant dyed art yarn.

What Felting Needles Do I Need

The fab thing about needle felting is that you need so little to get started. Wool, a needle and a soft base to felt on. Needle types really confused me when I started but all you need is one or two sizes in your craft box. Here’s a quick, no fuss guide to FELTING NEEDLES so you don’t waste precious crafting time trying to work out what you need.

Where is Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

Not a difficult one but I can be found most days in my home studio, in rural North Lincolnshire UK, where all Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts needle felting kits, handmade sheep, tutorials and workshops are created and put together. I get a little help from the family but usually, it’s just me and the dog plus lots of Yorkshire tea!

Video Tutorials

If you love learning from VIDEO TUTORIALS then you are in the right place. Felt alongside me, workshop style and learn all the basics as well as full projects such as hedgehogs, gnomes, pumpkins, sheep, hares, snowmen and more. My popular videos are the perfect creative respite from the daily grind. Just grab your wool, a cuppa and you are good to go.

Needle Felt A Picture – Full Tutorial

Learn to paint with wool and create this beautiful Herdwick Sheep landscape. If you don’t have any wool or accessories the  PICTURE NEEDLE FELTING KIT for this tutorial is available on the Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts WEBSITE. Otherwise, just bring what you have as you can be as creative as you like with whatever is in your stash box.


Create a wool landscape with this easy to follow tutorial

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