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Product Photography Tip

We are so used to snapping away with our camera phones, and why not? The results are, on the whole decent and convenient. I am as amateur at photography as they come. However, when it comes to my product photography I have learned always to use my trustee Canon 400D; you have to actually look through the view finder, which, by the way, I love! Please note, anyone under the age of twenty will have to pop over to Wikipedia to find out what a view finder actually is…

Photographing needle felted items from a distance can sometime prove a challenge and the sharpness you are looking for can often be elusive. I have been photographing a new mouse (to encourage Spring to get a move on) and am so pleased with the result. Determined to make best use of my trustee Canon 400D I have forced myself to use manual mode. This was taken indoors; 50mm lens; f stop 2.8; iso 800. Some minor editing and, et voila! I have always opted for the quick and easy auto mode with good to great results. However, the difference using manual mode is clear to see and the depth of field is just lovely on these settings. I have previously used a combined lens of 18mm-55mm and would have to often sift through 100 photos before finding one I was happy with. On this occasion the difference when using a dedicated 50mm lens is like…well, night and day.

If you are serious about your craft business, blog etc. then a decent camera and lens is a real investment!




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