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My customers, readers and Facebook followers are fabulously talented so, the very least I could do is give you guys your own gallery. Don’t be shy and hide your creative lights under a bushel! All photos eagerly received; you can send them via the website or my Facebook page and I will post here each month.

April 2018


March 2018




February 2017


January 2017

I received a veritable feast of ‘fuzzie’ photos in January from young, old and everyone
in between. All fabulous as ever! If you sent a photo in January that isn’t in the gallery then just message me again and I will add it to the February gallery.
They are a joy to receive so please keep them coming and remember, most of these have been made by first time needle felters so a virtual round of applause please. Well done everyone! x

December 2016

Right you clever lot! Take a peek at the fully festive customer gallery. These were the fab photos I received in December (if I have missed you please don’t take it personally and send me your photo again). Lots received this month so keep them coming. If you send it I will post it x






November 2016




October 2016




September 2016

More fabulous offerings from you fabulous lot!
Apologies for the lateness of posting. No excuses, I have just been very tardy… Worth the wait though!
Just message me your photo if I have missed you and I will add yours to the October gallery x

August 2016

Another delicious selection of ‘fuzzies’ from my fabulously talented customers!

July 2016

Here is July’s addition to the customer gallery. Great collection and a very summery feel with Mr Fox on location in Tuscany with Flowerfelt by Jayne who, makes lovely Nuno felt scarfs. Lucky Mr Fox…
If I have mised anyone, you know what to do x

June 2016

Thank you for your fabulous June photos. A little late posting but worth the wait…
Let me know if I have missed you. Any sent in July will be posted at the beginning of August…approx

May 2016



April 2016

Here is April’s fabulous offering from you talented bunch! Please keep your lovely photos coming in… All photos are also available to view on my website.
Sharon K, Anita H and Di W; you are such addicts that I will be putting montages together for each of you throughout May.
As usual, if I have missed you please shout and re-send your photo x

March 2016

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