The Healing Power Of Arts And Crafts

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all ‘tree huggy’ on you; no offence intended, it’s just a personal space thing so, if it is your style, then give it a hug for me while you’re there…

Anyway, I digress… We shouldn’t  underestimate the power that crafts in all their forms have on our personal and mental well being.
This article (link under photos) highlights how important crafts can be at improving not only the quality of our lives but also our mental health. I talk to so many of you who find crafts give you respite from disability, pain, stress, anxiety, grief and the normal pressures of daily life. Many of you are carers who have to spend much of your time at home caring for others and crafts offer, what one carer referred to as, ‘ME’ time (something everyone is entitled to ) and said it helped to keep her sane. So here’s a big high five to crafts in all their wonderful forms and maybe doctors should consider it a ‘complimentary’ medicine for some patients. In the meantime there is always Pinterest…x

IMG_2502workshop lincoln2

The Healing Power of Arts and Crafts

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