New Makes


Life Size Snow Hare




Wise Old Hare



Tomte Gnomes

pink tomte2 ff



twitter woods2

I love Herdy’s and this has to be one of my favourite makes (each new one seems to be a favourite) for 2016. I love the ice blue Teeswater curly locks and I have some purple ones I am going to try next…

You can make these at my Spring Herdy workshop on 1st April, 2017



I love making mice and here is one I recently sold. I called him ‘The Reader’ because he reminds me of a friend who has recently started teaching law at University. What she lacks in crafting ability she makes up for with her huge intellect and wonderful use of the English language. She also happens to be hilarious and mad as a box of frogs. She knows who she is…

The Reader



I refused to be drawn in by the trend for Unicorns. I have nothing against Unicorn’s, how could I, never met one (psst…they’re not real and if you’re over the age of 10 stop crying!), but I am partial to a rainbow; now I know they exist because they have pots of gold and a Leprechaun at the end…


Rainbow sheep brooch. Just for fun..



Finally finished him last week. A real labour of love and pretty chuffed with the result. Amazing how a different camera angle can change him from cute to menacing…

Photos taken on my old but trusty Canon 400D

Fully Poseable Fox


8 thoughts on “New Makes

  1. Lucy T Hill

    I am already “ addicted”and have not even started!
    My kit is patiently waiting for me to “ dive in” and I will do so very soon.
    Thank you for your directions and your encouraging words!
    Lucy Hill

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen

    HAVE JUST ORDERED HARE FELTING KIT. Cant wait to have a go. Do cardmaking and multi media crafting so looking forward to trying something new. I Think your reading mouse and fox are amazing and delightful.


    • Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

      Hi Karen
      I have your order and that will hopefully be with you for the weekend. Thank you for your lovely comments; looking forward to getting creative again in the New Year, when time from needle felting kits allows. I would also like to try some new crafts next year. Good luck with your new craft and all photos for the customer gallery are eagerly received.


  3. Di Woodcock.

    Hi Sandy,
    Just wanted to say … love the new blog. Great for those of us, (grumpy old toads!), who are too stubborn to succomb to FaceBook. Stuck in the 20th century me thinks!!

    To anyone thinking of taking up felting as a new hobby … If you haven’t bought any of Sandy’s kits yet, I’d like to know why exactly!!! They are absolutely ideal to get you started in an all too addictive craft. It’s just fabulous! Trust me, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. :0)

    Liked by 1 person

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