Award Winning Needle Felting Kits

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Meet the family. Well, some of them…

Twenty three award winning needle felting kits to choose from. Each kit is a complete starter kit and so, contains everything you need including detailed instructions, lots of colour photographs, an actual size template as your size guide, quality wool (mostly British), high quality foam block for felting onto, 2 felting needles, beads and whiskers (where required) for eyes and nose and a smart little sewing kit (to sew on the eyes).Kits are suitable for absolute beginners and improvers and 2 kits (deer and horse) for intermediate to advanced.

No sewing. No wires. No glue. No stuffing. Open the box and get started…
All you need to add is a little patience and enthusiasm!


hare and fox kit


kit collage3

brown hare kit



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